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About Essex Student Journal

The Essex Student Journal is an online multi-disciplinary academic journal, run by and for University of Essex students, with the administration funded and supported by the University of Essex. The journal is dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate writing, and is committed to creating accessible and engaging content for a non-specialist readership. The Essex Student Journal encourages and celebrates student research by offering valuable early experience of academic publishing and the peer review process. More information about the Essex Student Journal is available here

Latest News Posts

We’re launching a creative writing pilot!

Posted by Hannah Crago on 2023-11-02

Starting from November 2023, we’re launching a creative writing pilot for the Essex Student Journal!Until now at the Essex Student Journal, we’ve been publishing our students’ fantastic essays, case studies, academic blog posts, and research articles. However, we want to expand the breadth of our publications by inviting submissions of creative writing to go alongside our non-fiction [...]

Introducing the new editor - Kimia Aghasoleimani

Posted by Thomas William O'Toole-Mills on 2023-10-17

Hi everyone! My name is Kimia, and I am the new Student Journal Editor for the 2023/24 academic year. I am a PhD student at the School of Life Sciences and have been researching protein-based therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. I also have a passion for writing and being involved in publication processes, so I have now joined the Essex Student Journal (ESJ) to support fellow students [...]

Volume 15 • Issue 1 • 2023