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About the Essex Student Journal

The Essex Student Journal is an online multi-disciplinary academic journal, run by and for University of Essex students, with the administration funded and supported by the University of Essex. The journal is dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate writing, and is committed to creating accessible and engaging content for a non-specialist readership. The Essex Student Journal encourages and celebrates student research by offering valuable early experience of academic publishing and the peer review process. More information about the Essex Student Journal is available on University of Essex Library website

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Our first Creative Writing publications!

Posted by Thomas William O'Toole-Mills on 2024-03-07

We are pleased to announce the publication of our first creative writing publications since launching our pilot scheme last term!The Place of the Setting Sun, a short story by Moonie Ammar, and Letter to Myself, a poem by Nasima Rahman, are great examples of our students' creative expression. The Place of the Setting Sun is a story inspired by Middle Eastern mythology, and follows an elder [...]

Announcing the first Essex Student Journal Conference!

Posted by Thomas William O'Toole-Mills on 2024-02-15

We're pleased to announce the first ever Essex Student Journal Conference!This is an opportunity for the whole ESJ community to come together and celebrate the talents of our authors, reviewers, and editors.Our current editor, Kimia, and Frontrunner, Luke, have shared their thoughts and the experiences of our author presenters in our announcement blog. Give it a read to find out more and book [...]

Volume 15 • Issue 1 • 2023


Research Article


Essex Student Journal Conference: conference proceedings and reflective report

Essex Student Journal Conference: conference proceedings and reflective report

Kimia Aghasoleimani, Hannah Crago, Thomas William O'Toole-Mills, Dafni Kalatzi Pantera, Louis Mitchell, Mawadah Nofal, Akshana Ravikumar, Aisyah Shamshun, Sara Sheriff, Pablo Jose Soriano Mena and Luke David Wheeler

2024-06-28 Volume 15 • Issue 1 • 2023

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