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Our first Creative Writing publications!

Posted by Thomas William O'Toole-Mills on 2024-03-07

We are pleased to announce the publication of our first creative writing publications since launching our pilot scheme last term!

The Place of the Setting Sun, a short story by Moonie Ammar, and Letter to Myself, a poem by Nasima Rahman, are great examples of our students' creative expression.
The Place of the Setting Sun is a story inspired by Middle Eastern mythology, and follows an elder sister finding her place in the world against the constraints of religious stigma.
Letter to Myself is Nasima's exploration of their own identity, neurodiversity, and the empowerment finally receiving a diagnosis brought them.

Congratulations to Moonie and Nasima!

It can be hard for creative writers to start publishing, so we are proud to be able to give our students a platform to share their work, have their voices heard, and gain the recognition they deserve.

You don't need to be a creative writing student to publish with us, just a current Essex undergraduate or PGT student, or an ex-student who has graduated in the past year. This is a great opportunity to develop your writing skills and start building your portfolio of publications for your CV.

We are also looking for postgraduate creative writing students (fiction authors, poets, scriptwriters) to peer review for the Journal, so if you want to gain practical reviewing experience, hone your feedback and writing skills, and support fellow students to get published, volunteer today! Just remember to put "Creative Writing" as an interest, as well as any specific types or topics you're interested in reviewing.

These pieces have been published in our Sustainability Special Issue as their content relates to a number of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability is about much more than the environment, and pieces like these tie into the goals of equality, representation, and respect.

If you have any questions about the Essex Student Journal or our publications or processes, please get in touch with the team via


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