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Papers Available to All!

Posted by Dafni Kalatzi Pantera on 2021-12-14

In an effort to increase the number of articles available online, the Essex Student Journal has started editing old volumes of the former ESTRO Journal. ESTRO, which stood for Essex Student Research Online, was the previous name for the Essex Student Journal before we relaunched in 2020 on our new publishing platform. We are currently working on papers that were published in ESTRO by adding them to the Essex Student Journal Website. 

Although ESTRO, like the ESJ, was an open access journal, it does not have a webpage with its published papers, which makes it difficult for people who wish to find and read papers previously published in the journal. Prior to our relaunch in 2020, we had added volumes 7-10 to our new website, but now we’re looking at volumes 1-6. 

The core idea of open access is its key advantage – articles are freely available to anyone who wishes to read them. Therefore, by uploading these articles to the ESJ website, we are contributing to the promotion of high-quality research in an open access format. ESTRO had 10 Volumes, and each volume had 1 or 2 Issues. By working on this archive, we will manage to make more than 100 articles available on our website.

Additionally, we are working on improving the format of these articles in order to make the documents fully accessible to everyone. In other words, we make sure that all documents can be read by assistive technologies such as screen readers and Braille devices, so that all individuals can have access to the papers that they want to read. 

We hope you all enjoy looking back at some of the great research our previous Essex students have written and would love to hear what you think of some of the papers. 


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