Letter to Myself

Dear Naughty Nas,

After all these years of….

…trying to fit in,

…wanting to be loved,

…wanting to be accepted,

…wondering what is wrong with you,

…wondering why you can’t be like everyone else,

…trying to fix the broken you,

Because you didn’t belong in any groups,

Because you were damaged goods!

Trying to be a good girl,

Trying to act your age,

Trying to be Bengali,

Trying to be Muslim,

Trying to be more like a girl,

After all these years of chasing other people’s dreams and trying to do what other people expected of you,

It is now time to claim your GIFT OF FREEDOM from God (Allah) and embrace your SUPERPOWER…. your Neurodiverse self!

God (Allah) has created every millimetre of you with so much love and care, which is unique to you,

Yes, You!

God (Allah) created you to be different,

So, why do you need to fit in?

God (Allah) loves you,

God (Allah) has a plan for you,

So, start living in the moment…

You are not broken,

You do not need to be fixed.

You are loved,

And all that you do is keeping the Community (Ummah) united, so keep this going until it’s time to return to Allah…the afterlife!

Stay well and keep smiling

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Neurodiverse Nas


©Nasima Rahman. This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY).